Summer Free School 1954

A century ago, education was mostly for the wealthy and privileged elites. Children from poor families could hardly receive education. Seeing this need in the society, our students volunteered to set up summer free schools back in the pre-war years. They operated a free school for street kids. They put up notices outside the school and enrolled poor kids whose families could not afford the meager school fees. This photo was taken in 1954 with the teacher advisors and student leaders.

School Journals of 1954

The school journals recorded the important events, extra-curricular activities and students’ good work. The school journals of 1954 and 1958 included advertisements of companies like Ling Kee Book Store and the Sincere Co. Limited.

Transformation of School Uniform

In the 1950s, two other designs were adopted: a green cheongsam and a green pinafore worn over a short-sleeved white shirt.

Belilios Public School 130th Anniversary Celebrations

Belilios Public School