Belilios Chess Garden

Belilios Chess Garden is a board game designed by the 2020-2021 committee members of our four Houses, namely Yan, Yee, Lai and Chee. It is hoped that the board game would help our students and alumna to recall their collective memory of BPS and share memorable moments with each other. During the game, players are required to answer questions or attempt tasks in four categories – BPS, Tin Hau, Hong Kong and Cheering Competition. These questions and tasks will strengthen a sense of belonging among our students and alumna by evoking their childhood memories at BPS, whether the precious moments took place during lessons or extra-curricular activities. Inside the box, players will discover four energetic and cheerful BPS students which can be used as chess pieces or key rings. The four colours of their PE uniforms represent the spirit of each house: blue (Yan House – humanity), yellow (Yee House – justice), green (Lai House – courtesy) and red (Chee House – wisdom).

Belilios Public School 130th Anniversary Celebrations

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