Reverdie (•hu/vel/dy)

*_Reverdie_* is the French word for “re-greening”. Although Hong Kong endured the formidable onslaught of a pandemic, the blizzard eventually passed. Having overcome the hardships in the first quarter of 2020, Belilios girls are determined to bring joy and comfort to the city through music. As serving the distraught with love is an unfading value in our education, we aim to succour the people of our birthplace with the 130th-anniversary concert, like the arrival of spring restoring foliage to the land.

As the theme of the 130th Anniversary Concert ‘Reverdie’ presented, the concert held on 15 July 2021 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre was a showcase of the long tradition of excellent art education which Belilios Public School has been prominent for. The tradition was upheld by different generations of multi-talented Belilians, orchestrating a symphony of performances for such a celebratory occasion.

The attendance of guest performers including Miss Louise Kwong, MR Chen Chen, BOGA choir, Belilios Old Girls’ Chinese Orchestra, Belilios Old Girls’ Strings, and the Greeners’ Sound made the concert a memorable event. The concert video will be released soon. 

Belilios Public School 130th Anniversary Celebrations

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