The trowel for the laying of foundation stone for the Belilios Reformatory in 1898

This Historical Silver Presentation Trowel, with horn handle and engraved in the Victorian manner, was presented as a gift by Mr. E.R. Belilios to His Excellency Sir William Robinson, who laid the foundation stone of the Belilios Reformatory in Causeway Bay. This item was bought in a public auction and donated to the school by our alumna, Mrs. Fong Wong Kut-man, Nellie.

School Photo in the 1920s

This old photograph was donated by a collector and expert on Hong Kong history, Mr. Stephen Selby. According to Mr. Selby, the person who originally owned this photograph claimed that it was taken in the 1920s at one of the early sites of Belilios Public School at Hollywood Road.

Belilios Public School 130th Anniversary Celebrations

Belilios Public School