Admission Procedure

Applications to study in the Government Central School for Girls could be made to the Inspectors of School (Queen’s Road) or at the School (No.16 Hollywood Road) to the Headmistress. The school fee was reduced to half a dollar a month.

New Campus: School Photo taken in the 1890s

The new campus of Belilios Public School was erected on the old site of the Government Central School (Land Lot No. 78) on Hollywood Road, in what would form a very convenient center in which a large proportion of the students were to be Chinese. The style chosen by the architect of the building (Mr. E.A. Ram) was a free treatment of the English Renaissance. BPS campus signified at that time a creditable masterpiece of the architect and a credit to Hong Kong.

Belilios Public School 130th Anniversary Celebrations

Belilios Public School